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AWWWWWWWW! I got happy end!

SO FUCKING CUTE NOw i want a gf :(

"run the gay date" SAME



aaAAAA this is so cute !!!! HELP


It's so adorable!!!! <3

It's so cute!!!



Oh god this was so cute (especially the hand thing)  and the art is really good too:)

I LOVE!!!! 

this game is so short and cute and very relatable!

I LOVE!!!! 

this game is so short and cute and very relatable!


i want a gf :(




Thank you for playing it!! <3


not to b dramatic but this is literally the cutest thing ive ever seen in my entire life and i love it so much

and this is the cutest comment I've received!! Thank you so much!!

YOOOOOOOOOO THIS GAME WAS SO CUTE!!!! and actually, for being all done in a WEEK is so amazing, i would definitely love to see a complete version and also help to translate it to spanish :DDDD

Thank you!! I'd love to work on the complete version and will think of your offer when the time comes!!

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I liked this game so much, it was so cute! I loved how the hand cursor was unexpected, that was a really cool touch to it. Wish it was longer, but that's only because I want there to be a longer storyline. For what you were trying to accomplish (a date), it was excellent! Great artwork and dialogue too. 


Whoa, thank you! It was meant to be longer but it was a one-week prototype for class, I had to move on/cut a lot of stuff out unfortunately :( I hope to make a longer game from it later to meet those expectations.

SUCCESS even tho i too cannot read!! GO YUN!!!

Reading is pretty hard :( Thank you for playing and cheering on Yun!

Really well made! Good job!


thank you!!

I really enjoyed the use of the hand as gesture together with the conversation itself. However I think a tutorial on that would have been helpful. I rushed in for a grab by accident (just moving the mouse and expecting a cursor)


oh - that was actually intentional haha. I wanted the player to be "warned" within the first conversation nodes, which meant kind of dumping them straight into unfamiliar controls. Perhaps in the next iterations though I could work on easing into the scenario more so it feels less abrupt/accidental and more curious.

Yeah, I get that. The game was graceful enough with my failure but I was unhappy with it all be cause I know this is a delicate situation going in and suddenly I take an action that feels drastic, that I did not want to take.


Ahh I see! That makes sense. Thank you for the feedback :)


i like this a lot


thank you for liking it!!

This is really sweet, nice work!

thank you!