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GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsMeaningful Choices, relationship, Short, Story Rich, Text based
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I still play this every year. :)


Just wanted to say, I played this to the end.

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I should've written this comment a while ago.

I played this half a year ago, and yet I've thought back to it way more than once.  I even remember playing it several times on the same day and being pleasantly surprised that the words, though mostly same, still change subtly. Not as in what the choices make happen but the word choices. I love that touch.

Though I can't relate to Ivory's personality and though I was mad at him for Min's sake, the ending still made me tear up. Ivory's story engulfs me in a bittersweet feeling... even if I can't figure him out at  all. (and after replaying today, still cannot)

(in fact after replaying I find myself realizing again how much I am Min, so it's interesting how I feel much more for Ivory)

asadgl'; I'm sorry I can't word stuff but this really touched me!! The feeling of weary resignation but hope for the future is so well captured and I legit feel it again everytime I think back to this!

sorry this is getting long but yeah. This is  great, Ivory's great, you're great! :D


Thank you so, so much for this comment. It means a lot to me that you've played this multiple times, thought back to it more than once, and actually took your time to leave this comment even months after playing it.

I didn't expect people to relate to Ivory a lot in his "asshole" moments--I was nervous about having players choose from his perspective. So, the feeling you describe about how you don't relate to Ivory's personality but still feel for him is something I set out to accomplish. I'm really happy that it came across, and that you were able to feel things that are difficult to describe.

On a side note, Ivory and Min are two characters that I make vignettes (of varying medium) with frequently. Right now they're part of a comic-game project! Hopefully you'll get to see them again. :)