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Made for Strawberry Jam.

Through blood, sweat, and tears... you finally got a job at the Cat Cafe as the Cat Manager. Make cats happy by giving them food to make the customers happy. Make cats horny by giving them a toy to play with for them to make babies. Aw yeah.

9 cats available.

Please accept our patched up horny sacrifice.

Code: @mxedk
2D Art: @red_sketch
3D Art: @LimeDumplr

To be patched later:

  • better AI navigation
  • better camera
  • censoring cat sex properly
  • and other things, I guess

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Published56 days ago


PurrrrfectPairs_mac.zip (23 MB)
PurrrrfectPairs_windows.zip (19 MB)


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Cute & fun ! Lovely graphics and aesthetic, soothing gameplay
Would probably need an endgame sequence though ? Once you have all cats and toys ?
Overall very nice to play :)

I would like to play this, but I'm on Windows. Will it be available for Windows users soon?

Hi! The Windows version will be out this weekend after bunch of fixes for the current bugs! :)

Wonderful, thank you!